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Creating Product Mockups

Download Mock Up Template

On each product page in the shop, you can download the product’s template and mockup or find them all HERE. Once downloaded, open file using Photoshop.

Preview of Layers Panel In the Layers Panel you will see 3 layers:
  • Sample Design - You will delete this layer and replace it with your design.
  • Design Area - Full design area on the product.
  • To get a better look at the Design Area, change the “Blending Mode” to Normal.
  • It’s currently on “Multiply” Background Product

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Placing Your Design on Product

  • Next, delete the Sample Design.
  • Place your design above the Design Area layer
  • With your design layer selected hold Alt (Option in Mac OS) and then click.

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Clipping Mask

What you are doing when holding Alt (Option in Mac OS) is creating a Clipping Mask. Which means the   bottommost layer, or Design Area layer, defines the visible boundaries of your design.

What your artboard may look like before clipping: 

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What your artboard should look like after clipping:

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Since we cannot print on the full surface of the mug, this results in a white border around the design. We recommend a white background when designing for mugs.

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Saving File

When you are satisfied with your design placement on the mug. You are ready to Save! We recommend saving a PSD file, so you can make future edits (skip Flattening your image to Save As PSD). Also, save as JPEG to use for your shop.

First, you will want to Flatten your image.*
*Skip this step when saving PSD file.

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Next, Save As PSD or JPEG. Once you have saved your  JPEG file, you are ready to upload to your shop!

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