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Treat your customers to something truly special with our limited edition Pink Wick Frosted Candle! This one-of-a-kind candle stands out for its sleek design and enchanting pink wick - making it the perfect addition to any product offering. Don't miss the chance to give your customers a unique item that they'll absolutely love.

  • Color: Natural Off-White (No Dyes)

  • Material: Coconut Soy Blended Wax

  • Label: Matte Finish Lid: Wood - Raw Maple

  • Size: 11 oz. Vessel & 9 oz Wax; 2.93" (W or Diameter) x 3.75" (H with lid), 9.205" (Circumference)

  • Label Size: 3.25" x 2.25" Full bleed Design File: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Burn Time: Approx. 50 Hours

  • Available Fragrances: Bohemian Rose, Fragrance-Free, Lemon Verbena, Oakmoss + Amber, Ocean Breeze, Rosewater, Spa Retreat, Spiced Oat Milk, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla, Wildflowers.

  • Hand-Poured* in the USA

The Coconut Soy wax is clean-burning, biodegradable, and natural. A vegan blend of natural apricot, coconut, soy, and a minuscule amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax. The wax is toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and comes from renewable sources. The wood wick is eco-friendly and made from FSC-certified wood, hand-crafted +, and made in the USA.

View our fragrance description guide HERE

Before Lighting:
  • Before burning, always trim a cotton wick to 1/4" and 1/8" - 3/16" for a wood wick.
  • Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches, and debris at all times.

While Burning:
  • Keep within sight
  • Keep away from flammable objects
  • Keep away from children and pets

See more about Candle Safety

*Hand-Poured wax levels may vary in height and color.

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Candle Frosted (Pink Wick) Glass

  • Scent

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Specifications for Candle Frosted (Pink Wick) Glass

Scent Rosewater or Vanilla or Spa Retreat or Wildflowers or Strawberry Shortcake or Fragrance-Free
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